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HCI has been building Patient Engagement solutions for more than 50 years.

At our core, we’re innovators.

We genuinely believe that innovative approaches to common healthcare dilemmas creates more engaged patients, financially viable healthcare providers and ultimately, healthier communities.

HCI has introduced many firsts to the industry, including the first integrated media player and universal pillow speaker control.

HCI was the first television manufacturer to bring Android TV to the healthcare market, so we know the landscape.

Generally, when most people look at a television monitor in a hospital room, they just see a TV.

We see opportunities...

  • To improve patient health and lasting recovery
  • To encourage patient-clinician communication
  • To streamline clinical workflows
  • To optimize resource management
  • To reduce operating costs, increase hospital revenue, and protect reimbursements

A History of Innovation


Samsung TV Software Launch, PDI TV Software Launch, Badging Integration, Andor Teleconferencing Integration, Multiple PACS Imaging Integrations, HillRom and Stryker Smart Beds Integration, CBORD Nutrition & Meal Ordering Integration, Multiple EVS Integrations


Lab Status Display Released; Consult Requests Status Released; Code Blue Milestones Released; DNR Marker Released; New UIs Released


22” Desktop Unit Board Released; 65” and 75” Digital Whiteboards Released; CPOE Integration Released; Patient Resuscitation Events Released; Nutrition Integration Released; Telemetry Integration Released; Nurse Call Companion Released; Bi-Directional Patient Monitoring Released; Allergy Module Released; Baby Status Released; LDRP Split Screen Released; Procedure in Progress Released; Voice Control Released; ; Nurse Notes Released; Rounding App and Support Terminal Released; Procedure in Progress Released; Hall Whiteboard Icons Released


Gen 3.5 MediaCare development; Unit Monitoring Whiteboard Released; Integrated Bedside Tablet Released; Integrated Concierge Tablet Released; Diagnostic Applications Released; RTLS Badging Released; CleanCall Released; Hidden Patient Released; Multiple Language Support Released; Veteran Status Marker Released; On-Demand Equipment Ordering Released; Surgical Scheduling Launched; Family & Friends Video Capability Released


Interactive Hybrid Whiteboard Released, Health-Key Infection Control Keyboards Released


5th Gen MediaCare Released; HUB Set Top Box Released


Released first Quad-Core Android TVMediaCare 3.0 Launched; Digital Whiteboard Integration Developed


4th Generation TVs Launched


MediaCare 2.0 Launched


HCI launches first Healthcare Grade Android TV


HCI launches MediaCare, the first CMS and Integration Engine built specifically for Healthcare


HCIC is purchased by the current ownership and the name is changed to HCI


Hospital Communications Inc (HCIC) is founded

Our Team 

Rick Pratt
Rick Pratt
CEO & Founder
john Pratt
John Pratt
Tony Marsico
Chief Commercial Officer
david dawod
David Dawod
Ron Goldey
Ron Goldey
VP Sales
max ouimet
Max Ouimet
Director of Marketing

Our Values

Latest HCI News


HCI Integrates with PDI

HCI Integrates with PDI

HCI Integrates its Leading Patient TV Software with PDI Android TV Platform

Sep 26, 2023 2:00:00 PM 2 min read
HCI Integrates with CBORD

HCI Integrates with CBORD

HCI Launches New Food Ordering App Integrated with CBORD

Aug 24, 2023 4:06:48 PM 2 min read
Communications Engineering Company (CEC) partners with HCI

Communications Engineering Company (CEC) partners with HCI

Communications Engineering Company (CEC) Joins Forces with HCI as Platinum Partner…

Aug 24, 2023 2:00:00 PM 2 min read

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