HCI offers interactive patient care for patient engagement, patient education and patient entertainment. We aggregate data from disparate hospital systems, process it, present it and touch-enable it in real time.

HCI Enterprise-Wide Patient Engagement Solutions Transform the Way You Deliver Care

HCI has been building patient engagement and entertainment systems for more than four decades. At our core, we are innovators. We genuinely believe that innovative solutions and approaches to common healthcare dilemmas will create happier patients, financially viable healthcare providers and ultimately, healthier communities.

Seamless Integration

Our product solution suite provides seamless communication between patient and healthcare provider. Access to EMR and other healthcare systems are utilized in our API.

Flexibility & Scalability

No need for long-term contracts. Start the system with one device and grow your Interactive Patient Engagement system over multiple fiscal cycles as the facility’s needs and budgets change.

Unrivaled Customization

Configure the system(s) with the functionality and applications desired. Our system is not limited to a predefined set of applications, allowing the facility to quickly change the layout, graphics, content and apps with the click of a mouse.

Home-Like Experience

Giving patients instant access to movies, social media, email and games, can often lead to higher patient satisfaction scores and support patients to feel connected to outside activities.


As hospital budgets tighten, HCI offers the most cost-effective product suite to upgrade existing patient care solutions to a fully integrated and seamless enterprise-wide technology solution.

Remote Administration

Facilities can clone settings, update channels, install software updates or apps, and customize launchers from a single location or data center. If our solution is installed across multiple facilities, all devices can be managed from a central location.


HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions encompass a range of touch-enabled, digital whiteboards, tablets and patients TVs designed for infection control and with the aim of improving patient engagement. With enterprise integration, providers can realize improved workflow, higher staff satisfaction and lower operating costs.

HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions are your answer to

 improved patient outcomes and better workflow optimization.

Patient Entertainment

The HCI solution offers the best level of patient entertainment with first-run movies, television shows on-demand, games, internet access, cable TV and more. The content that appears on patients’ in-room devices meet expectations of quality, comfort and choice for healthcare consumers.

Patient Education

MediaCare offers patient-specific education easily accessed at any time through the in-room television. Clinicians have full flexibility to make appropriate changes, adding or deleting content for the patient to view. The agility of MediaCare makes it a simple process for a clinician to assign additional or different content as needed.

Patient Engagement

Helping patients feel comfortable and more at home can be a daunting task for any hospital, but a task that has proven to be worth the investment for increased patient engagement. MediaCare allows each facility to craft a robust, custom and flexible solution that meets its own ever-changing needs.

Patient Mangement

MediaCare, our interactive patient engagement software, equips medical staff with a powerful set of tools that simplify and streamline nursing workflow. MediaCare enables staff to focus on timely delivery of patient information and needs and provides analytics for informed administration.

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