Evolving Healthcare Through Inspired Technology

HCI offers smart hospital technology with digital patient whiteboards, nurse station whiteboards and patient TVs for an engaged hospital stay.

HCI Patient Engagement Solutions Transform the Way You Deliver Care

Healthcare providers are always looking for ways to improve patient care and lower costs. HCI has been building patient engagement and entertainment solutions more than twenty years, and has a proven track record to help you succeed. HCI’s innovative solutions help transform the way you deliver care, making it more efficient and effective with smart hospital technologies. We partner with clinicians, nurse leaders and hospital IT leaders who need to improve the patient experience and enhance the staff experience. To create healthier communities, we work with you to raise the bar on quality care delivery.

Seamless Integration

The HCI patient engagement solution provides seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers. And with a variety of integrations, access to EHR and other existing healthcare systems are utilized through our API.

Flexibility & Scalability

With MediaCare, there’s no need for long-term contracts. Begin with one device, then grow your Interactive Patient Care structure over multiple fiscal cycles. As patient care, facility needs and budgets change, the solution flexibility helps you keep pace with evolving requirements.

Unrivaled Customization

HCI works with you to configure your system with the care and productivity applications that work best for your health system. Our solution isn’t limited to a predefined set of applications, and that allows you you to quickly edit elements as your needs evolve. What’s more, HCI is your single source of contact for support.

Home-Like Experience

With a range of patient entertainment options, patients have instant access to videoconferencing, movies, social media, email and games. Diversion and relaxation activities often leads to higher patient satisfaction scores, so patients feel connected to family and outside activities.


As hospital budgets tighten, HCI offers the most cost-effective and scalable product suite available. With HCI’s expertise and support, upgrade your existing patient care systems and create a fully integrated enterprise technology solution.

Remote Administration

MediaCare clones settings, updates channels, installs software updates and apps, and customizes launchers from a single location. If our solution is installed across multiple facilities, then all devices are managed from a central location, like a data center. That saves time and people resources for allocation to other priorities.










HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions provide improved patient outcomes and better workflow optimization.

Patient Entertainment

MediaCare offers the best level of patient entertainment with first-run movies, on-demand shows, games, audiobooks, podcasts, cable TV and more. Since healthcare consumers demand more options, the content available for patients meets their quality, comfort and choice expectations.

Patient Education

Patient-specific education that’s easily accessible at any time through the patient TV is a cornerstone of MediaCare. Since clinicians need to make appropriate education changes as treatment models evolve, MediaCare dashboards feature simple editing. You can even use branching logic to send out new content and set up comprehension testing.

Patient Engagement

Helping patients feel comfortable and more at home can be a daunting task for any hospital, but one that is worth the investment for increased patient engagement. The HCI MediaCare platform allows each facility to craft a robust, custom and flexible solution that meets its own ever-changing needs.

Patient Mangement

MediaCare, our interactive patient engagement software, equips medical staff with a powerful set of tools that simplify and streamline nursing workflow. MediaCare enables staff to focus on timely delivery of patient information and provides analytics for informed administration.

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