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Interactive patient care: transforming the healthcare journey

HCI has been building smart room patient care solutions for patient engagement and entertainment since 2002. We’re the leading patient engagement solutions provider in the healthcare technology industry. At our core, we’re innovators. We genuinely believe that innovative approaches to common healthcare dilemmas creates more engaged patients, financially viable healthcare providers and ultimately, healthier communities.

HCI introduced many firsts to the healthcare industry, not to mention the first integrated TV media player and universal pillow speaker control. HCI was the first television manufacturer to bring Android TV to the healthcare market, so we know the landscape. Generally, when most people look at a television monitor in a hospital room, they just see a TV. We see an opportunity to use touch-enabled whiteboards, tablets and patient TV technology to:

HCI touch-enabled smart and digital  Hospital Whiteboards, Patient Tablets and Patient TVs
HCI eSitter allows live stream video patient monitoring for patient safety.
  • Improve patient health and lasting recovery
  • Encourage patient-clinician communication
  • Streamline clinicial workflow
  • Optimize resource management
  • Reduce operating costs, increase hospital revenue, and protect reimbursements
The HCI BedMate Tablet TV is a patient TV with 5 MP camera, speakers and microphone so patients can connect with family and loved ones for updates and connection.

Patient engagement solutions from a company that knows the industry

HCI on-demand hospital equipment ordering. through RTLS and other smart healthcare systems already in place in your hospital.

Our approach to care pathway optimization is unique, since we understand that clinicians and care teams need to engage with patients and families on a regular basis, even after they leave the hospital. That’s why we designed MediaCare. This enterprise-wide software solution helps patients before, during, and after their hospital stay. MediaCare is built on the strength of the Android operating system by a team of dedicated innovators, and they bring more than 200 years combined experience to your project.

The platform is solutions-driven to deliver complete education for better health literacy and entertainment for patients. Specifically, the goal of MediaCare is to provide profound and effective communication between patients and caregivers.

HCI Patient Hospital Whiteboard with a smart digital interface to optimize workflows and support patient engagement.

We want you to have a patient engagement and education solution that focuses on three key ideas: improved ease of use, simple integration with existing healthcare applications, and technology that provides patients with a quality care experience. Above all, we believe that our healthcare product suite is the comprehensive solution that will help you achieve your quality and strategic goals.

Nurses conferring using HCI digital Unit Whiteboard for patient monitoring.
  • Open-sourced, open platform
  • More than 40 system integrations
  • Configurable to your specific needs
  • Scalability to grow your solution
  • Optimization for pillow speaker use
  • Experienced implementation

Contact HCI and learn how digital transformation and smart patient rooms are possible today.