We've spent the 2 decades exploring patient TV solutions and have used this experience to pioneer new technologies. During that time, our goal has remained steadfast: BUILD PRODUCTS THAT EMPOWER PROVIDERS AND ENHANCE THE PATIENT EXPERIENCE.

Interactive Patient Care: Enhancing the Healthcare Journey with Patient Engagement

HCI has been building interactive patient care products for patient engagement and entertainment since the 1970s. We’re the leading patient engagement solutions provider in the healthcare technology industry. At our core, we are innovators. We genuinely believe that innovative approaches to common healthcare dilemmas will create happier patients, financially viable healthcare providers and ultimately, healthier communities.

Our company has introduced many firsts to the healthcare industry, including the universal pillow speaker control and the first integrated TV media player. HCI was the first television manufacturer to bring Android TV to the healthcare market. When most people look at a television monitor in a hospital room, they see only a TV. We see an opportunity to use interactive whiteboard and TV technology to:

  • Improve patient health
  • Streamline clinician workflows
  • Reduce operating costs, increase hospital revenue, and protect reimbursement revenue

Solutions for Patient Engagement from a Company Who Knows the Industry

Clinicians and Care Teams need to engage with patients and families beyond the inpatient stay. That’s why we designed MediaCare, our enterprise-wide software solution, to help patients before, during and after their hospital stay. MediaCare, built upon the strength of the Android operating system, is an Interactive Patient Care platform that delivers comprehensive education for better health literacy, entertainment for diversion and more profound and effective communication between patients and caregivers.

Our technology is unique and offers providers:

An Open-sourced, Open Platform: The Android ecosystem gives our customers the flexibility to create the ultimate patient engagement experience.
Customization: Configure your system(s) with the functionality and applications that work best for your facility. Our platform is not limited to a predefined set of applications.
Remote Administration: All settings of HCI Interactive Whiteboards and television products can be managed, customized and updated remotely through a network or USB clone. All devices can be managed from a central location or data center.
Integration: HCI Interactive Whiteboards work on their own or integrate with our Interactive Tablets and patient televisions, giving patients access to familiar social engagement and entertainment apps. MediaCare connect its with existing hospital systems like the EHR, Nurse Call, RTLS, PAC, EVS and Active Directory so that all information is accurately updated in real-time.
Scalability: No need for long-term contracts. Grow your system over multiple fiscal cycles as needs, budgets, and objectives change.
Optimization for Pillow Speaker Use: All apps are optimized to be controlled by any pillow speaker, and a keyboard like our Health-Key Infection Control Keyboard can be easily added for advanced functionality.

Our company focus on patient education, safety, satisfaction and operational improvement is driven by an experienced team that knows how to walk the workflow. That’s why we assign a seasoned clinical account manager and software engineer for every project to work alongside your staff.

Our goal is to provide a patient engagement and education product suite that focuses on improved ease of use, simple integration with existing healthcare applications and technology. We believe that our product suite is the comprehensive solution that will help you achieve your patient care and strategic goals.

Call us to find out more: 800.783.8105 or schedule a brief online or in-person product demo at your convenience.

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