When it comes to patient engagement, the patient television is an undervalued piece of the patient engagement puzzle. Often restricted to bed, patients spend much of their time sleeping or watching television. Why not use the TV as a teaching device, marketing vehicle or source of entertainment? To stay ahead, facilities need to offer more than just cable TV. Integrating HCI’s enterprise integration platform, MediaCare, can help your facility do that and more. Combined with HCI’s Digital Interactive Whiteboards, you can implement a complete interactive patient care solution designed specifically for your facility standards and needs.

MediaCare is a complete patient engagement solution. It’s a suite of purpose-built apps that provide patient education, care and monitoring, entertainment and staff support for actionable insights. Through extensive research and real-world experience, we’ve built a solution that meets the needs of today’s healthcare providers. MediaCare offers a robust, custom, and flexible solution that meets ever-changing healthcare needs for patient engagement.

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Welcome and banner videos enhance the total hospitalization experience and help to keep patients informed and aligned. Including a custom welcome message with branding creates positive expectations and helps ensure that the patient is appropriately on board. Create a competitive advantage and provide answers to common questions or concerns to alleviate and worries.

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Interactive whiteboards are a perfect model for hospital technology adoption – doing a task better, faster, at less cost, with improved connection between patients and staff.

Interactive whiteboards as a replacement for traditional dry erase boards optimize workflows and enhance delivery of quality patient care. With continuous patient and rounding data entered into the electronic health record from HCI touchscreen interactive whiteboards, patients are better informed about their care and treatment. Enhance and support Care Team collaboration by providing a central, digital repository of patient vital information, discharge planning, daily goals, treatment schedules and medications.

Retail Ordering through MediaCare


Whether it’s selecting a book from the hospital gift shop, filling a prescription, or arranging for durable medical equipment, patients and their families can now enjoy the convenience of shopping from their room.

Bedside Meal Ordering through MediaCare


When patients place an order using their pillow speaker control, HCI’s interactive patient care technology seamlessly interfaces with existing systems used by the hospital’s dietary services department.  Streamlining this process gives the patient control and frees up caregivers. Caregivers are then able to focus solely on providing compassionate care.

HCI RX Fulfillment app provides automated medication fulfillment through MediaCare.


According to Pharmacy Times, 30% of first-time prescriptions are abandoned by patients and thus not picked up at the pharmacy. Patients’ failure to fill the prescription or a lack of understanding or education about their medications can lead to an increase in readmissions. This can have a significant negative impact on reimbursements and HCAHPS rankings.  To help resolve this issue before a patient is discharged, Pharmacy Fulfillment can be implemented to make sure patients are fully versed on their prescriptions and medications.

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For a visitor, seeing their family member or friend in the hospital can be an emotional experience. Tying systems together to provide real-time visitor and Care Team information provides timely information to patients and their families, which can have a significant, positive impact on their experiences.
MediaCare ties into a facility’s RTLS or other staff and equipment tracking system to provide instant notification when a staff member enters a patient room, and when they leave. Every visit is tracked and recorded in the patient’s EHR, creating a history of rounding and care. Alerts can be triggered in the event of security issues, so patients and staff remain safe.


Navigating through a hospital can add extra stress or anxiety for patients or their caregivers. The HCI Wayfinding App allows caregivers, patients and visitors to access a map of the hospital to help quickly locate the department desired. Maps can be branded with colors or logos, and direct guests and patients to specific areas of the facility. This space can also be used to display art or unit-specific imagery, messages of the day, and other tools for patient engagement.