BedMate Televisions


The capabilities of our BedMate 13 devices extend far beyond that of a common television. The 3mm infection control design and glass front has a built-in media player with bottom inputs for accessories. Patients can easily access the facility loaded media and educational content, and each system has a reliable touch pad for TV control, navigation and so much more. Each BedMate 13 is designed to suppress the risk of hospital acquired infections. The glass front effectively shields the device from damage to ensure reliability and long-term performance. Every television is easy to clean and is sensitive to weak finger touches.


Explicitly designed for dialysis clinics, infusion centers, and other healthcare facilities, the low-voltage BedMate 15 Television provides your clients a modern interactive experience while ensuring your facility a platform to manage better, measure and document quality of care. This fully-integrated TV and Android combination sets a new industry standard. Having worked with hundreds of clinics, we understand the concerns and demands of the patient. With the BedMate 15, we can provide your facility with a home-like experience that includes high definition TV, endless options for entertainment and customizable apps that will increase workflow efficiency.

Swing arm mounts For both the BedMate 13 and BedMate 15 are operated on pinch-free gas struts for silent operation, with articulated movement for the best patient viewing experience.

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