HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions encompass a range of touch-enabled, digital whiteboards, tablets and patients TVs designed for infection control and with the aim of improving patient engagement. With enterprise integration, providers can realize improved workflow, higher staff satisfaction and lower operating costs.

HCI Product Solutions

Our goal is to provide an integrated, touch-enabled enterprise solution that focuses on ease of use for patient and staff engagement throughout the continuum of care.

Integration with MediaCare allows caregivers to enter and view real-time critical patient data at the point of care, using haptic touch, capacitive screen whiteboards. Displayed data is automatically updated from the EHR, and can be written back to the EHR so patient data is always up-to-date.

HCI Family and Friends is an encrypted, secure video app so patients and families can stay up-to-date on treatments, progress and prognoses.
Family & Friends Connect Through Video
HCI eSitter allows live stream video patient monitoring - one of the HCI solutions to strengthen the patient/ caregiver relationship.
Bi Directional Audio and Video Monitoring
HCI interactive hospital whiteboards provide a mechanism for caregivers to encourage patients with goals, schedules and to mark achievements.
Include Patient Goals, Schedules, Milestones and Achievements

Whether it’s enabling patients to visit with loved ones via video, or enabling a higher degree of Care Team collaboration and patient safety through bi-directional video, HCI digital hospital whiteboards enhance quality care at every touchpoint.

HCI Solutions Integrate Disparate Systems

By integrating with the EHR of choice, Nurse Call systems, RTLS systems, Transport, Telemetry, Smart Bed system, EVS and more, caregivers eliminate gaps in care by using the simple touchscreen interface to make on-the-spot patient updates. They can leave Nurse Notes on the Patient Whiteboard, enter patient responses to “What’s Important To You?”, and push new educational content from the Patient or Unit Whiteboard direct to the TV.

HCI Integration with MediaCare promotes Care Team collaboration oration throughout the paitent journey.

Optimize Clinical Pathways and Workflows

Caregivers can use the features of HCI MediaCare integration to automate rounding reminders, reassessment timing and a host of other tasks. The Support Terminal can be used to order transport, request maintenance and other configurable services. The Terminal is also used for scheduling patient-related services like requesting a chaplain, ordering laundry and linen services, or scheduling pet therapy. Back-end reporting allows administrators to monitor and report on inventory, scheduling and productivity.

Workflow and Pathway optimization provided by digital hospital whiteboard and patient engagement systems can help decrease clinical staff burnout by simplifying and streamlining normal rounding tasks.
Interactive BedMate Tablet TVs allow patients to access personal device ports for BYOD for streaming and gaming.

The Haptic Touch-enabled bedside BedMate Tablet TV offers patients a more immersive patient hospital experience, with access to their Patient Portal, health records, entertainment options and educational content.

Ensuring all caregivers have the most accurate patient information in real time, no matter where it lives in the infrastructure.

By listening closely to customer and patient feedback and watching industry trends, we continue to innovate and develop healthcare technology solutions that are economical, scaleable and above all, adaptable. Backed by more than twenty years’ experience in healthcare technology, HCI leads the industry with clinical, administrative, financial and patient engagement outcomes.¬†This allows healthcare organizations to provide consistency in patient-centered care, increase patient satisfaction and lower operating costs.

HCI product solutions integrate with existing healthcare applications and technology infrastructure. All solutions offer extensive configuration options to meet the needs of your healthcare system. We approach that framework with flexibility to make your solution configurable to your requirements. With MediaCare, our premier product offerings are the comprehensive answer that will help you achieve your goals and transform how you deliver care.