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Oct 6, 2023 2:00:00 PM

HCI Integrates Philips IntelliSpace PACS Anywhere into its Digital Whiteboard Suite

HCI, a leading provider of innovative healthcare communication solutions, is pleased to announce its new integration with Philips DICOM Imaging on our Digital Whiteboards. This collaboration brings together HCI's state-of-the-art digital whiteboards and Philips' industry-leading DICOM imaging technology, enabling healthcare providers to enhance patient care, improve collaboration, and streamline clinical workflows.

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Philips IntelliSpace PACS Anywhere is a flexible image distribution system that spans across the hospital enterprise and beyond. Expanding the reach of our IntelliSpace PACS Enterprise 4.4 solution, IntelliSpace PACS Anywhere provides healthcare teams with the clinical review information they need from almost any device. With advanced communication and workflow capabilities, an intuitive touchscreen user interface, and a zero-footprint format with unlimited scalability, IntelliSpace PACS Anywhere goes beyond the expected to deliver information at the speed of care…virtually anywhere you need it.

Key Advantages/Capabilities:

  1. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: Users across the enterprise can review patient exams and diagnostic reports and utilize rich, embedded workflow and communication advancements.
  2. Universally Compatible and Accessible: This HTML5-based, zero footprint solution can be accessed via almost any device, including PC or mobile device, with no downloads or installation required.
  3. Built for Unlimited Scalability, Fast Access, and Wide Reach via iSyntax: iSyntax technology and open architecture enhance mobility, performance, and unlimited scalability.
  4. Flexible User Interface: IntelliSpace PACS Anywhere features an adaptable user interface that’s both simple and intuitive.
  5. Low Maintenance with Integrated Security: Setting up access, permissions, and audit trail is straightforward. Rollout requires minimal effort and zero installation.

The integration with Philips Imaging on HCI's digital whiteboards allows healthcare professionals to seamlessly access and display radiology images directly at the point of care. This integration empowers clinicians to make informed decisions, engage patients in their care, and improve care coordination among multidisciplinary teams. By leveraging the power of visual data, healthcare providers can enhance diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient outcomes.

Philips DICOM Imaging is a trusted industry standard for medical imaging, known for its reliability, interoperability, and high-quality image display. By integrating this advanced imaging technology with HCI's digital whiteboards, healthcare facilities can create a seamless and integrated workflow, enhancing the visualization and interpretation of medical images.

The integration of Philips DICOM Imaging on HCI's digital whiteboards marks another milestone in HCI's commitment to delivering cutting-edge healthcare communication solutions. This collaboration provides healthcare providers with a comprehensive solution that combines the benefits of digital whiteboards and advanced imaging technology, ensuring seamless integration into existing clinical workflows.

About Philips

Philips is a global leader in health technology, providing integrated solutions and services to improve people's health and well-being. As a pioneer in medical imaging and healthcare informatics, Philips enables healthcare providers to deliver personalized care, optimize workflows, and improve patient outcomes through advanced technologies and solutions. Learn more at Philips Imaging.

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