HCI Elevates Patient Care at Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Hospital with Cutting-Edge Digital Whiteboard Suite

HCI, a leading innovator in healthcare communication solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful implementation and go-live of its state-of-the-art Digital Whiteboard Suite at the Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Hospital. This transformative project is poised to revolutionize patient care, communication, and overall hospital efficiency.  But don't take our word for it; hear what Orlando Health has to say...


HCI's Digital Whiteboard Suite is a comprehensive solution that encompasses an array of advanced hardware, software, and seamless integrations, all meticulously designed to enhance the patient experience and optimize healthcare workflows. The following products were installed on this project:

  • 13" Interactive Digital Door Signs greet visitors with essential room information, patient precautions and room alerts, streamlining the care process.
  • 43" Interactive Patient Whiteboards empower patients with real-time health data, care team information, medication information and education, daily schedule and discharge plans, and educational content, fostering engagement in their care journey.
  • 43" PDI Healthcare TVs equipped with HCI's Patient Edutainment Software provide an immersive entertainment experience for patients while delivering essential health information.  Patients can order meals through CBORD, view their MyChart Bedside App, and enjoy their personal streaming services from Netflix, HULU, etc.
  • HCI Unit Status Boards, stationed at nursing stations, offer a holistic view of patient statuses, enabling care teams to prioritize tasks efficiently.

The success of this project is also attributed to HCI's strategic integration with leading healthcare technology systems. The collaboration includes:

  • CBORD Meal Ordering streamlines food service, ensuring that patients receive timely and accurate meals based upon their custom dietary needs
  • Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call Alerts enhance communication between patients and nursing staff, providing timely responses to patient alerts and needs.
  • Stryker Smart Bed Alerts enable the hospital to monitor patient comfort and safety proactively.
  • EPIC MyChart Bedside integration seamlessly connects patients to their electronic health records, promoting informed decision-making.
  • Philips DICOM Viewer ensures healthcare providers have instant access to medical imaging.
  • ANDOR Teleconferencing bridges the gap between patients and healthcare professionals, allowing for virtual consultations and reducing wait times.

HCI extends its heartfelt appreciation to the entire Orlando Health Team and our trusted Partners for their unwavering expertise, dedication, and commitment to this transformative project. Their invaluable support in installing and managing the HCI Digital Whiteboard Suite was instrumental in making this initiative a resounding success.

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