RTLS for Quality Care and Optimized Workflows

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Jul 22, 2022 12:45:00 PM

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Revolutionizing Workflows with RTLS Systems 

Real-Time Location Systems ("RTLS") are intelligent hospital software solutions designed to accurately locate individuals and objects. These sophisticated RFID tracking systems function similarly to GPS apps, but when integrated with HCI's MediaCare, they offer a multitude of additional benefits.

Ensuring Patient Satisfaction with Care Team Identification and Rounds History

Recognizing the concerns of patients and their families regarding their Care Team, we prioritize providing them with accurate and up-to-date information. Through HCI's Whiteboards, patients and their loved ones can easily access the scheduled staff and round times, as a notification automatically appears on their digital devices when a badged staff member enters the room.

With the added feature of photo identification, everyone can feel confident and secure knowing exactly who is caring for their loved ones. This notification also triggers displays on all connected devices and illuminates an LED light on the Hall Whiteboard, signaling the presence of a caregiver in the room. Additionally, in the event of a security incident, the RTLS system precisely locates hospital staff, ensuring their safety and peace of mind.

MediaCare & the Visitor's Log

Equipped with the identification information of the Care Team, families have the power to easily match the displayed name, title, and photo to the staff member present in the room. This enables a Visitor's Log to generate, providing family members with a comprehensive record of the care received. Simultaneously, healthcare systems gain access to a layer of historical information that is time-stamped. Even if a patient is not fully alert during a round, the Log maintains a detailed history of the caregiver's presence in the room. This invaluable data can then be utilized by management to generate MediaCare reports, which include timestamped information on the duration of time spent with patients. These reports serve as a valuable resource for scheduling decisions, training, and monitoring. With an RTLS system, decision-makers can effectively optimize staff levels and enhance patient management.

HCI Visitor Log example on Interactive Patient Whiteboards.


RTLS system equipment location and ordering

Nurses can use RTLS functions to locate equipment and assets to decrease patient wait times for mobility items like wheelchairs and walkers. And with the HCI Support Terminal, Nurses can order equipment direct from a patient room, or set a timer for Reassessments, Repositioning and Rounds. They can even select time intervals for ordered equipment and get an acknowledgement of their order. That way, they save time and steps without having to go on the hunt for equipment.

HCI on-demand hospital equipment ordering.
HCI Nurse Support Terminal

Hygiene Management with RTLS Systems 

With COVID-19 and other communicable disease concerns, RTLS systems tied to hand washing or hand hygiene stations track hand-washing events. That's important, because patients and caregivers have information about good hygiene practiced according to facility procedures.

When connected to a "GoJo©"-type hand sanitation system, a hand-washing icon will appear on the HCI Interactive Whiteboards as a visual cue when the staff member has used the station. Other configurable icons or signals can be incorporated into the Interactive Patient Care system for similar tracking processes. These can include photos or complex icons with various elements to visually convey a hygiene protocol.

RTLS systems deployed and integrated with HCI's Interactive Patient Care solution products support workflow cycles. With MediaCare and RTLS integration, manage resources more efficiently. and display real-time results for trending patient information. Use reporting through MediaCare to manage and analyze resource and staffing levels.

Learn how HCI Whiteboards integrated RTLS can improve care efficiency.

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