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Why We Have Become the Leaders of Patient Engagement

HCI TV has been building patient engagement and entertainment systems since 2002. At our core, we are innovators. We genuinely believe that innovative approaches to common healthcare dilemmas will create happier patients, financially viable healthcare providers and ultimately, healthier communities.

HCI has introduced many firsts to the healthcare industry including the universal pillow speaker control and the first integrated TV media player. HCI was also the first television manufacturer to bring Android TV to the healthcare market. When most people look at a TV monitor in a hospital room, they see only a TV.  We see an opportunity to use technology to:

  • Improve patient health
  • Streamline clinician workflows
  • Deliver significant cost savings, increase ancillary hospital revenue, and protect reimbursement revenue

We see the need to engage with patients and families beyond the inpatient stay. That’s why we have designed MediaCare to help patients before, during and after their hospital stay.

Our MediaCare Solution, built upon the strength of the Android operating systems, is an Interactive Patient Care platform that delivers comprehensive education, entertainment and communication.  We believe that our technology is unique amongst competing interactive patient care softwares in the following ways:

  • Customization – configure the system(s) with the functionality and applications desired. Our system is not limited to a predefined set of applications. The facility can quickly change the layout, graphics, content, and apps on the system.
  • Scalability – No need for long-term contracts. Start the system with 1 unit and grow your Interactive Patient Care system over multiple fiscal cycles as the facility’s needs, budgets, and objectives change.
  • Integration – One device, the integrated television, provides seamless communication between patient and healthcare provider. Other features include launching apps, messaging availability, watching movies and playing games. Access to EMR and other healthcare systems are utilized in our API.
  • Open-sourced, open-platform – The Android Ecosystem gives our customers the flexibly to work with other developers and us to create the ultimate user experience. In addition to HCI Android applications, EPIC, CBORD, Cerner and many other technology companies can intergrate with CareTV. This open approach allows facilities to incorporate other hospital systems with our system quickly.
  • Remote Administration – HCI is the only provider that allows all settings of the television system to be managed, customized and updated remotely through a network or USB clone. Facilities can clone settings, update channel lineups, install software updates/apps and customize launchers from the comfort of their office. In addition, if our solution is installed across multiple facilities, all devices can be managed from a central location.
  • Optimized for Pillow Speaker Use – All apps are optimized to be controlled by any pillow speaker. It makes it easier for patients to use and get the most out of the system.  A keyboard can be easily added for advanced functionality, but the core applications (TV, education, movies, etc.) require only a pillow speaker.
  • Cost – Real cost savings of up to 50% compared to competing for IPC systems can be realized.

But this is only part of the HCI difference. Our focus on patient education, safety, satisfaction and operational improvement are driven by an experienced team that knows how to walk the workflow. That’s why we assign a seasoned clinical account manager and software engineer to every project working alongside your staff.

Our goal is to provide a patient engagement and education system that will focus on improved ease of use, integration with existing healthcare applications and systems, and the extensive customizability of the Android platform. For these reasons, we believe that CareTV will be the comprehensive solution that will help you achieve your goals. Discover for yourself how our system can not only engage your patients but also your staff!

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Success Behind Proper Discharge Planning

For many hospitals, one of their goals is to reduce readmissions. The drive behind reducing readmissions is the proper plan for discharge and transition of care.

Studies support that patient outcomes will increase dramatically when there is a discharge plan in place. Along with improving the patient’s outcome once discharged, an effective strategy can help to decrease the chances of the patient being readmitted. HCI’s CareTV helps streamline the recovery process by ensuring the patient and caregivers receive educational content on specific health issues and details on medications they will be taking at home.

If required, CareTV can be used as part of the discharge process to provide additional information by connecting the patient with the appropriate staff member, such as a pharmacist to shed further light on a medication. CareTV works across the continuum of care to make sure that the patient does not perceive discharge as an unexpected event, but a planned transition.

In summary, CareTV helps to enhance these critical elements of the discharge process:

  • Discharge education that starts at the time of admission
  • Preparing the patient for the hospital to home transition
  • Caregiver(s) become fully educated to provide the best post-hospital care

To promote stronger engagement partner with HCI and let us place a customizable solution to ensure your patients receive the most out of your discharge planning process.  Sign up for your demo here.

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Tools to Simplify and Streamline Nursing Workflow

MediaCare, our interactive patient software, equips medical staff with a robust set of tools that simplify and streamline nursing work-flow. The feature allows the staff to be able to focus on timely delivery of patient information and needs. MediaCare directly communicates with our devices which equips administrators and nursing staff to be able to manage easily, monitor, and control patient televisions like never before.

MediaCare offers hospitals an innovative, enterprise-level solution that helps address many of the significant challenges in healthcare today. Through our software, medical staff can:

  • Push delivery of patient-specific education plans including education resources and discharge planning information
  • Send messages, alerts and notifications instantly
  • Push surveys to collect feedback
  • Automate clinical workflows and EMR documentation
  • Manage service recovery opportunities
  • Control volume, power, channel and input
  • View interactive dashboards to analyze metrics
  • Remote Network Clone and Software Updates

Because each medical facility is different, the solution we provide is unique!  Providing consultation, training, and support, we build customized configurations based on the specific needs of each facility. Furthermore, the flexibility of HCI’s platform makes it easy to adapt and make changes to the system as needs of the facility change.

Working in unison, our technology is geared to empower hospitals and enrich the patient experience. As a result, our solution not only diminishes patient readmission but also improved HCAHPS scores ultimately increasing reimbursements. Sign up today for your free personalize demo!

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The Power of Customizing the TV Guide

Patient satisfaction can dramatically improve when you provide an interactive television guide that is like what they have at their home.  By utilizing our Interactive TV Guide, you can offer a home-like viewing experience for both the patient and visitor. This guide can be easily customized to the needs of your organization, your brand, and a particular patient.

The Interactive TV Guide will create comfort for the patient and help to improve their overall wellbeing. The patient doesn’t have to miss their favorite television series or the latest released movies. We can provide scrolling TV listings that can:

  • Inform your guests and patients while they wait for their appointment
  • Let your patients know about daily specials from the comfort of their beds
  • Promote gift shop deals with dynamic in-store advertisements

The power and customization of the TV Guide offered to your patients is flexible and adjustable. With this creative advertising opportunity, you will be able to differentiate from your competition.  You will stand out in front and be the first choice every patient makes. Sign up for a demo and discover how you can change the hospital television into an important part of your patient satisfaction strategy. 

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Customize Your Television to Fit Your Hospital Needs

Our interactive patient system, CareTV, can adapt to any requirements needed for a hospital department. CareTV can play an active role when it comes to engaging pediatric patients. Children’s affinity for games and videos create potent opportunities for engagement while providing an additional degree of comfort.

HCI CareGound is a source of innovative health solutions designed to:

• Promote child health
• Enhance patient and family satisfaction through more effective communication
• Empower families by encouraging improved understanding to make better health decisions
• Provide access to prescribed education information and age-appropriate games easily
• Deliver more rapid service recovery, including response to family questions and service requests
• Increase the comfort of patients and families

Our kid-friendly entertainment system makes every stay at the hospital more personalized and friendly. Sign up for a demo today and see how we can customize our platform to fit your hospital’s brand.

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RX App

Keeping a patient educated should not just be on their diagnosis, but also the medicine they are prescribed. Lack of knowledge on prescriptions can cause:

  • Increased progression of the disease
  • Increased time in the hospital
  • Additional doctor and emergency room visits
  • Increased costs for hospital

These causes can be yielded if there is an option for the patient to be able to educate themselves at a time that fits their schedule.  HCI has developed an app that can do this and so much more. The patient can quickly identify drugs and medications, including pill identifying pictures. Patients who acquire additional information on their prescriptions can find:

  • A full description of their medicines
  • Educational videos
  • Side effects, warnings and informational pictures

Along with improving patient education, this app will increase your staff’s workflow and give your staff more time to focus on the quality of care they are providing.  In summary, the patient will have the appropriate knowledge to keep them at ease and help to prevent unnecessary revisits to the hospital once they are discharged.


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An effective hospital discharge plan can decrease readmittance and show a dramatic improvement in patient’s outcome. Studies have shown that as many as 40% of patients over 65 had medication errors after leaving the hospital, and 18% of Medicare patients discharged from a hospital are readmitted within 30 days. To avoid these stats, a hospital needs to prepare the patient and caregivers from one level of care to another.

HCI’s CarePlan is an educational playlist that is developed to address the specific care needed for each patient.  These playlists are designed to support the transition of care. Each playlist is pre-populated with tailored patient education.

Top Playlists include:

  • Orthopedic
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Mother & Baby
  • Weight Loss & Healthy Living
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Fall Prevention

Once the prescribed educational videos are completed the information is automatically entered into the EMR. Upon completion, confirmation is automatically documented in the EMR. This feature supports the clinical workflow to focus on providing compassionate care while addressing Joint Commission requirements.

Nurses can review the educational dashboard with the patient and remind them of any videos the doctor has prescribed before discharge. If a video is viewed but not wholly understood, the patient requests clarification sending an alert to the appropriate clinician.


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Administrative Tools and Reporting

In a world where data piles up without analysis and action, CareTV gives teams working on strategic solutions a new way to cut through the quantitative clutter.

With HCI CareTV, clinicians can access a custom dashboard that provides vital real-time data along with historical data for trending purposes. These reports can segment service requests by category, such as dietary and housekeeping. Clinicians can use the dashboard to track trends, monitor overall patient utilization and get an overview of patient requests.

CareTV’s reporting tools deliver data tailored to both clinicians and administrators. Improvement in operational efficiency can be accomplished through easy to access and analyze patient data. The data can help to discover opportunities to enhance the patient experience.

Our account management team can help you put procedures in place to ensure you get the highest value from this information. High-level reports include:

  • Health video viewing reports show which videos are being watched and the frequency of viewing
  • Survey reports deliver patient feedback information
  • Service Alert reports show what types of requests are being made and how quickly these requests are addressed
  • An objective source of data can help leadership provide employee recognition
  • Messaging reports indicate how many messages have been distributed to patients on their in-room TVs with the patient response rate broken out for each message
  • Feedback and service alert reports can be used to make the most efficient use of executive time during rounding. Reports can identify which patient rooms had issues giving executives a list of areas where patient satisfaction can be most impacted


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Patient Education

CareTV offers patient-specific education easily accessed at any time through the in-room television. The care team prescribes these clinically-reviewed videos. Selection is obtained from an extensive library of evidence-based, age-appropriate content assigned on admission, by physician orders and diagnoses code. Our system can provide:

  • Diagnostic and order specific educational content that can be delivered automatically or scheduled by the medical staff
  • Patient viewing that is tracked and recorded
  • Patient viewing data that is automatically entered into the EMR
  • Our educational app is consistent with Joint Commission Standards and meets ARRA Meaningful Use objectives for patient education resources

Clinicians have full flexibility to make appropriate changes, adding or deleting videos for the patient to view. If a clinician determines that additional or different content should be delivered, the agility of CareTV makes this easy. The system is designed to monitor and track the exact viewing and understanding of the educational content. Once the education has been completed CareTV will automatically add documentation to the patient’s medical record.

When education is automatically documented directly into the patient EMR, clinical time can be spent on other critical patient tasks. After viewing a video, the patient can be prompted to answer comprehension questions or may be asked if they have further questions about their care.  If the patient would like more information, an alert is automatically sent to the clinician for follow-up.

Consistent communication with timely follow-up can mean the difference between a patient who is engaged, informed, and prepared for discharge or a patient who is not.


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Android Media Apps

Most healthcare facilities start engaging the patient the moment they enter their building, but to be truly patient-centric, the concern should begin when the patient leaves their home. While patient care is the primary concern, ensuring satisfaction in entertainment is significant. Most patients are restricted to stay in their bed and not leave the room. That allows the patient numerous hours where they must find some sort of entertainment. Patients want to have entertainment at their fingertips with the familiarity of home.

Our integrated solution scales to your needs both today and tomorrow. We provide your facility a long-term solution that will positively impact patient satisfaction and education from day one. No other patient engagement and entertainment provider can match our level of flexibility.

Our solutions are all based on the Android platform and open the door to be able to access endless third-party apps. Just a few of the features using our system, built on Android, can provide you:

  • Internet access can be made accessible
  • Access to all the popular email providers and social media platforms
  • Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and other similar apps can be downloaded to the devices for the patient to access with their own log-in credentials
  • Leverage to music, games and movies-on-demand
  • And so much more