Executone of LA partners with HCI

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Jan 17, 2024 3:45:00 PM

Executone of Louisiana Joins Forces with HCI to Expand Their Suite of Healthcare Communication Solutions

Executone of Louisiana, the leading communication solution provider in the state, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with HCI, the leader in the Integrated Digital Whiteboard and Patient TV industry. As an HCI Platinum Partner, Executone of LA will bring HCI’s cutting edge communication tools to Louisiana’s healthcare industry.

“We are ecstatic to be able to provide HCI’s world-class products to our market,” said Ronnie Juneau, President of Executone of LA. “As a company focused on communication in the healthcare industry, HCI is exactly the type of partner we want to work with. Their incredibly innovative digital whiteboards perfectly complement our suite of quality products.”

The superior service Executone of LA provides has allowed them to grow to a client base of over 3,000 customers. Their focus on business telephone systems, critical care communications, and network services make them the ideal partner for healthcare providers, including some of the largest healthcare systems in Louisiana. That is what drew HCI to them.

“The exceptional service they provide along with the emphasis they have in healthcare make them ideal for HCI,” said Tony Marsico, Chief Commercial Officer of HCI. “Our Digital Whiteboards allow providers to dramatically improve the patient experience and decrease the stress on the nursing and caregiver community. Executone of LA brings to the customer the services required for providers to truly get the most out of our systems.”

Focus on Innovation

Both HCI and Executone of LA focus on innovation. HCI’s digital whiteboards redefine how patients and caregivers interact, bringing critical information to the patient and staff in real time. Caregiver collaboration is significantly enhanced and the workflow within a healthcare facility is streamlined. Patient satisfaction increases, and the workload on the staff is decreased.

“The HCI product suite seamlessly integrates with other products Executone of LA brings to their customers,” continued Marsico of HCI. “Their suite of fully managed services ensures that their entire offering is not only maintained but that customers realize the full potential of the products. When working with Executone of LA, customers are partnering with a company that is with them throughout the entire product lifecycle.”

Achieving the Vision

“Our company is looking forward to working with the HCI team to bring to our customers this incredible technology,” continued Juneau of Executone of LA. “The ability to truly transform the way patients and caregivers communicate, the potential to drive patient satisfaction to new levels, and the opportunity to address the growing nursing shortage in our country is critical and part of the long-term vison for our company.”

About Executone of LA

Established in 1961, with two employees and one office, Executone of LA has grown to 5 offices and 40 employees over the past 55 years, with a client base that exceeds 3,000 customers. Whether it is business telephone systems, critical care communications, network services, or cabling, Executone of LA provides systems that meet the customer’s needs now and in the future.

Combining employee expertise and multi-year experience in the Louisiana market has allowed Executone of LA to be one of the leading communication solution providers in the state. Factory certified sales and technical staff allows Executone of LA to design, service, and install systems that increase productivity and profitability. This in turn allows their customers to be competitive in their markets and stay ahead of the competition.

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