HCI Releases Labor and Delivery Interactive Digital Whiteboards

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Nov 29, 2023 2:00:00 PM


HCI is pleased to announce the launch of our Labor and Delivery (L&D) Digital Whiteboards, a new addition to our comprehensive range of communication systems. These whiteboards are designed to deliver essential data to both healthcare providers and patients, enhancing the care experience new Moms and Babies. 

These whiteboards are strategically placed both inside the patient's room and at the door entry, providing easy access to information. Our aim with these Digital Whiteboards, as with all our products, is to improve access to information for patients and their families. This helps them understand their care journey better, including the details of their care team and the activities planned for their stay.  

Key Impacts of the L&D Digital Whiteboards: 

  1. Enhanced Communication: By providing real-time updates on patient status, care plans, and team members involved, the whiteboards facilitate better communication among the care team. This leads to a more coordinated approach to patient care. 
  2. Patient Education and Engagement: The whiteboards can display educational content tailored to the stage of labor or postpartum care. This helps in educating mothers and families about what to expect during and after delivery, thereby promoting a better understanding and engagement in the care process. 
  3. Time Management and Efficiency: Displaying information such as labor progression, scheduled check-ups, and procedures on the whiteboards helps in better time management for both the healthcare team and the patient. It streamlines the workflow, reducing wait times and improving the efficiency of care delivery. 
  4. Customization for Individual Care: The ability to customize the information displayed according to each patient’s specific needs and care plan ensures that each mother receives personalized attention and care, tailored to her unique situation. 
  5. Reducing Anxiety and Stress: Knowing who is on their care team, understanding their care plan, and being able to track their progress can greatly reduce anxiety and stress for expectant mothers and their families. 
  6. Improved Postpartum Care Coordination: Post-delivery, the whiteboards can display critical information about newborn care, postpartum recovery tips, and follow-up appointments, ensuring a seamless transition from hospital to home care. 
  7. Safety and Compliance: The whiteboards can also serve as a tool to remind staff of important safety protocols and compliance requirements specific to labor and delivery, such as hygiene practices and medication administration guidelines. 
  8. Data Integration and Accessibility: By integrating with other digital health records and systems, these whiteboards ensure that all patient data is up-to-date and accessible to the entire care team, which is crucial for making informed decisions. 
  9. Feedback and Improvement: The whiteboards can be used to gather feedback from patients and families about their care experience, which can be invaluable for continuous improvement in care delivery. 

The L&D Whiteboard joins HCI's suite of department-specific Digital Whiteboards, which includes solutions for Med-Surg units, Emergency Departments, ICUs, and other areas. 

In summary, HCI's L&D Digital Whiteboards offer a multifaceted approach to enhancing the care experience in labor and delivery units. They not only streamline processes and improve communication but also play a significant role in patient education, engagement, and overall satisfaction with the care received. 

For more detailed information about our L&D Digital Whiteboards or any other HCI products, please feel free to reach out to us at sales@hcic.com. We're here to assist and enhance your healthcare experience. 


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