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The HCI blog presents topical information on healthcare technology, current trends and research on many facets of the healthcare industry, product information and general healthcare news and topics of interest. Subscribe to our regular newsletter for support to lower operating costs and achieve higher patient satisfaction ratings with Interactive Patient Care.

Read about our history of innovation here. We support healthcare providers in collaborative, patient-centered care and options to better manage fiscal and human resources. Providers in healthcare, acute care, residential care and long-term care can benefit with our interactive solutions.

The HCI Blog offers industry information and insights into our Interactive Patient care solutions for healthcare and long-term care settings.

HCI blog posts offer insight into how an integrated loop of patient care with our digital interactive whiteboards and interactive patient television solutions support patients in their healthcare journey. Our mission is to offer state-of-the-art interactive solutions to healthcare and congregate care providers. HCI blog posts support that mission with additional insights and data. We strive to provide the best information on solutions for patients in their recovery with outstanding educational content, integrated safety features, communication choices and a wide range of selections for entertainment and relaxation.

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