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In addition, HCI posts offer topical information on current industry challenges. You’ll find product data and healthcare industry insights to help healthcare providers spark patient engagement. Who can benefit? Healthcare providers in acute, ambulatory, rehabilitation and long-term care benefit from HCI’s all-in-one or modular engagement solutions.

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HCI blog posts have insightful suggestions on how HCI digital interactive whiteboards and patient televisions encourage patients in their healthcare journey. As you’ll see, our mission is to develop and deploy state-of-the-art interactive solutions for healthcare. As healthcare consumers, patients should be partners with their Care Team for successful long-term outcomes. While we strive to provide the best information on solutions to support that partnership, we also include outlines of our outstanding educational content and integrated safety features. Finally, information on communication choices and a wide range of selections for entertainment and relaxation are available here at the blog.

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To learn more about the company, read about our history of innovation, which set the bar for helping health systems effectively manage their resources.



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