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HCI Case Studies

Birmingham Green Improves Resident Engagement and Quality of Life 

HCI Portable Tablets for Social Connection and Cognitive Wellbeing

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021, Birmingham Green was looking for ways to help long-term care Residents remain engaged and reduce their feelings of isolation when assisted living and congregate senior living facilities were closed to outside visitors and family members.

HCI collaborated with our Authorized Dealer Partner, Symtech Solutions, to develop a program for Resident engagement with HCI Portable Tablets.

HCI White Papers

HCI White Papers present insight on contemporary healthcare technology trends.

HCI hospital whiteboards, patient tablets and patient TVs offer state-of-the-art healthcare technology designed for the best patient experience.

The Building Blocks for Implementing a Successful Patient Engagement Solution: a white paper on choosing a scalable, integrated patient care technology solution.

Abstract: This white paper looks at how greater emphasis is being placed on enhancing the patient experience in hospital and healthcare settings. Targeted technology solutions such as touch-enabled interactive e-whiteboards and e-tablets, enterprise software platforms and app-based patient televisions are available to help facilities increase patient engagement and manage to healthcare regulation metrics. While many community and mid-size healthcare facilities might believe such solutions are out of reach, the reality is the technology is scalable and can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

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