Communications Engineering Company (CEC) partners with HCI

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Aug 24, 2023 2:00:00 PM

Communications Engineering Company (CEC) Joins Forces with HCI as Platinum Partner to Bring Innovative Digital Whiteboard Suite to Customers

Communications Engineering Company (CEC), a trailblazing technology solutions provider, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with HCI, a leading innovator in digital collaboration solutions. Through this collaboration, CEC becomes HCI's newest Platinum Partner, poised to introduce HCI's cutting-edge Digital Whiteboard Suite to its esteemed customer base.

A Perfect Synergy of Innovation

CEC has built a reputation as a forward-thinking company committed to delivering top-tier healthcare technology solutions to its clients. The partnership with HCI, a frontrunner in transforming the way teams collaborate, aligns seamlessly with CEC's mission. Together, CEC and HCI are set to empower organizations with the transformative capabilities of the Digital Whiteboard Suite.

Revolutionizing Collaboration with HCI's Digital Whiteboard Suite

HCI's Digital Whiteboard Suite represents a paradigm shift in collaboration tools, redefining how teams interact and care for patients. Its intuitive interface, real-time collaboration features, and powerful toolkit enable seamless care and drive productivity. CEC's customers will now have access to this game-changing solution, fostering efficient communication and collaboration regardless of physical location.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Workflows

One of the key strengths of this partnership lies in the seamless integration of HCI's Digital Whiteboard Suite with CEC's existing suite of healthcare technology solutions. This ensures a smooth transition for CEC's customers, allowing them to enhance their productivity and project management processes without disruption. The suite's compatibility with various productivity tools guarantees a seamless collaborative experience within their trusted ecosystem.

The Vision Ahead

CEC is excited to offer its customers unparalleled access to a transformative collaboration tool. This partnership embodies a shared vision of driving innovation, creativity, and seamless communication within organizations across diverse industries. Together, CEC and HCI are dedicated to empowering teams, driving productivity, and accelerating success.

About CEC

Established in 1946, CEC has evolved from a small two-way radio shop into a nationally recognized technology integrator with nine offices across Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Its success is driven by its mission: to create world class technology experiences that improve the lives of our people and partners. It combines alignment with manufacturers that offer the best solutions in the industry along with in-house experts on staff who effectively lead technical and custom integrations. CEC specializes in finding creative solutions to meet its customers'​ business objectives through solution design, integration, installation, and preventative maintenance. The company has five core areas of focus: audio/video, fire & security, healthcare communications, information technology, and two-way radio communications. To learn more, visit

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